Common Reasons Why Men Cheat

Common Reasons Why Men Cheat

Cheating is one of reasons why relationships fail. In the case for most men, cheating is always a struggle. Only the strongest ones and those who put a very high value on their relationship are able to deter the temptations. But for some, cheating happens for various reasons. Here are some of the common reasons why men cheat.

Fading Intimacy In The Relationship

A relationship can sometimes be the reason why men cheat. More specifically, it is how the relationship progresses over time. As couples start a family, their intimacy may sometimes be taken for granted. Women make sacrifices to manage the home and take care of the kids. Over time, this takes more priority that couple intimacy. Men will start searching for it after a while. They yearn the time when the couple was still intimately in love. Apart from deciding to separate, some men take a different approach

Emotional Dissatisfaction

Sometimes men end up in a relationship that they find boring over time. It is like a fading flower that start out great and fresh, but withers and dries out in the end. But at the very core of it is not finding the satisfaction they are looking for emotionally in the relationship. When men cannot find it in their relationship, they try to find it somewhere else. This leads to some men cheating.

Buddy Influence

Sometimes, cheating comes as a result of certain outside influences. Some studies indicate that some men cheat because of the influence of peers. If a man is in the company of friends who find cheating in relationships fun and something to be proud of, he is more likely to be influenced to cheat as well.

Status Seeker

There are men who cheat because they feel that it puts them at a higher level of status. They see cheating with other women as a privilege that only a few can delve into. Men want to have this kind of status sometimes. A man who cheats this way is usually just after the status that it brings. It is not always about the emotions or the relationship in general. Cheating is just a way to boost one’s ego.


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