Dealing with Rebound Relationships

rebound relationshipYou are on a relationship, but you feel that your partner is still could not get over his or her previous relationship.

You are probably on a rebound relationship, wherein your partner is still affected by a previous significant relationship. It affects the quality of the current relationship or how your partner perceives it.

A person in a rebound relationship focuses on the previous romance, looking on what could have been, what went wrong, wondering if you did the right thing.

That person spends too much time looking for answers that will never be answered while going through feelings of hurt. Because of this, it drains the potential of the current relationship to be successful. So how do you tell if you are in a rebound relationship?

Signs of a rebound relationship

You can tell in your partner’s emotions (or your own) if the relationship you are having is an attempt at mending a broken heart.

You may have noticed your partner talking too often about his or her ex, feeling deeply in pain and angst even if you are together, or that would talk about a few particular issues with that past relationship such as instances of cheating.

Preventing from getting into a rebound relationship

One effective way to get yourself out of a rebound relationship is to know how long it has been since your previous partner’s had a significant relationship.

If you also realize that your partner has been in relationships for a few months before breaking up, then there is a possibility that he or she is still struggling to get over their significant ex.

If you already are in a rebound relationship, never feel sorry for your partner. You may end up being more eager to retain the relationship just so your partner does not feel hurt. However, this would only cause pain and anguish on your part.

Tell your partner that you are giving them space. They need to contemplate on the matter and should learn to get over the past relationship, but keep your support and friendship toward your partner.


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