Emotional Affair Red Flags

Emotional Affair Red Flags

An emotional affair is defined as a type of affair that does not include physical intimacy or contact. Because this type of affair lacks the physical component found in actual affairs, many people do not consider it as cheating or being unfaithful to a partner. But there are dangers and risks having an emotional affair. It is usually a precursor to an actual one. There are certain red flags that people should look out for that indicates that they may be in an emotional affair. Here are some of them.

Relationship Dissatisfaction

One of the main reasons why some people get into emotional affairs is because of dissatisfaction in a current relationship. Some people tend to have emotional affairs with others who also have the same issue. Emotional dissatisfaction is a common red flag for emotional affairs to develop.

Open Up On Sensitive Issues with Someone

Although it may be normal for some people to share their frustrations and disappointments on someone else other than their partner, opening up increasingly about sensitive issues with someone your feeling attached to may be another red flag. If you begin to open up with someone certain things that you cannot even talk about with your partner, then it is possible that an emotional affair is brewing.

Feelings of Guilt

Even if you do not think that you are doing anything wrong with your emotional attachment to someone else, sometimes you may have these feelings of guilt that you cannot seem to understand. You do not wish your partner to see you meeting up or talking with someone- be it online, on the phone or in some other way. It can also be a red flag for an emotional affair.

Becoming Dependent on the Affair

Sometimes, the friendship with someone can get to a certain level that you feel an emotional high every time you have a chance to meet up or talk. If you become increasingly dependent or look for the emotional highs you feel, then an emotional affair may be developing.

Keeping Secrets

If you have a special friendship with someone that you try to keep a secret from your spouse, then there is a possibility that you are in an emotional affair. If it comes to a point where you try to hide or even lie to your spouse about it, then you might just be treading on dangerous ground already, with or without the physical intimacy common in most affairs.


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