Factors That Cause New Relationships To Fail

shutterstock_143173531People who like to go into a new relationship will need to look at different things to see if it will work out. While some may try to make a relationship work out, there are certain factors that they need to look for. This will indicate whether a new relationship has that chance of succeeding or if it is doomed to fail in the first place. Here are some factors that will likely lead to the latter.

Contrasting Ambitions

New couples with different ambitions may have a hard time trying to make a new relationship work out. One will like to focus on career first before starting a family. The other one will like to start a family right away. The contrasting ambitions will create conflict in the new relationship that will cause it to fail.

Disagreements Over Many Things

A new couple may disagree on many issues. From political inclination to choice of food, these disagreements can lead to petty conflicts to serious confrontations. If the couple does not learn to work out these differences, then the new relationship may not last long.

Different Levels of Emotional Intelligence

Couples with different levels of emotional intelligence may find it difficult living together. If you pair someone mature enough to handle stress with another person that does not, you end up with frustration and more conflict. You see a couple that think differently about situations, good and bad. Even people with contrasting temperaments may have a hard time reconciling their emotions while trying to understand the other.

Differences In Sociability

One likes to go out often with friends while the other likes to stay at home. One considers going to parties and events as fun and enjoyable while the other will prefer just being together somewhere private. It ends up into a matter of how one can live with the differences of the other. Most of the time, one partner cannot and this can lead to a failed relationship.

These are the factors that may cause every new relationship to fail. It takes a couple with a strong sense of love, respect for each other and commitment to make any relationship work despite these overwhelming differences. An extraordinary couple can make it work out and succeed. However, for an ordinary couple, it may be a hill or an obstacle too steep to overcome. It may be a new relationship bound to fail any time.


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