How Pornography Affects Relationships

pornographyPornography affects relationships implicitly rather than in an open way. Though it is still perceived as a taboo, pornography remains ubiquitous ever since it has entered mainstream society.

How it affects the women?

But how is it that watching porn is harmful to a relationship? It implicates a dissatisfied attitude toward one’s spouse. This then leads to low self-esteem for the women who in turn may imbibe self-loathing towards their bodies.

Women therefore resort to plastic surgery or develop eating disorders as a way to cope up with it. The feeling of acceptance now becomes an issue among the women. This shows enough reason how viewing porn for men can be damaging to the relationship with their wives.

How it affects the men?

It can be as hazardous to the men as well. Watching too much porn videos reduces the men’s ability to perform sexually. That is because the effect of porn among men is that it neutralizes their being sexually aroused.

Moreover, according to studies, it has shown that for men to perform sexually, they have to indulge in porn first.

Is pornography helpful or destructive to a relationship?

Due to all sorts of media, pornography has become an all-existing presence in everyone’s lives. And, in any case, relationships are no exclusion.

As it has been found out, half of all divorces in the US are caused by porn-related issues. For the men, it may show that they are dissatisfied with their wives.

Consequentially, what women do to garner attention is that they equate themselves to those individuals seen in porn sites to have a certain amount of attractiveness. However, the results remain pointless or reach dire consequences.

What to do?

Regarding these cases, couples should consult a marriage therapist. They have to discuss how their  marriage can grow strong and how they can be supportive of each other’s desires and needs.

They have to manage what it is that will make their relationship achieve physical and emotional fulfillment. Seeking the help of sex or marriage therapists can provide help in pornography addiction.


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