How to Appease a Woman Anger

mad womanStudies show that a whopping 1.5 million women are physically assaulted by their partners every year. But according to the Center for Disease Control, so are 835,000 men. This means that a simple argument may lead to a serious physical fight, and this can be initiated by a woman.

Once upon a time, women may have been looked at as the gentler of the sexes, but in today’s world, world, women have the same right to express their feelings–mild or wild, that is–just as the men. So what do you do when a woman starts to feel the nerves burning in her skin? Here are tips on how to appease a woman’s anger: 

Don’t get angry

Whatever you do, keep your temper under control. Control your mindset by thinking that you’re not really angry. It’s some sort of a mind-over-matter thing.

Admit your mistakes

Do not resort to pointing fingers. If you know you are at fault, admit it. Don’t make a big deal out of a issue, if you know that you have done something wrong.

Lend an ear

Listen to what she has to say, especially if she has a big problem. Hearing her out may console her a little. It may also appease her anger, even if it’s on a minimal extent only.

Offer her advice

Sometimes, simply hearing her out is not enough. It would be better if you give your feedback to what she’s fussing and fuming about. This will make her think that you’re really concerned, and that you’re really listening to what she’s trying to say.

Set boundaries

Try to tolerate her behavior and her temper, even if her bratty attitude is a little annoying. But once she starts going overboard, that’s the time when you have to step up and tell her so.

Women get angry for various reasons. More often than not, their emotional reaction to something you have done can be quite irritating. But as long as you even out your temper and remember these tips, you can have a better chance of hitting it off to a more stable relationship with her.


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