How to Communicate with Your Boyfriend

couple communicationIt’s been a couple of days since your boyfriend’s last SMS. You are panicking. What if he’s with another woman? What if he doesn’t love you anymore? What if he thinking about breaking up with you?

When your normally communicative boyfriend has suddenly gone missing, you always think about worst-case scenarios. Stop it.

What you should do?

If you keep thinking about these things, you might do something to get your revenge on your boyfriend (without even confirming if he is cheating on you) – a little something you might regret.

Instead of thinking about these things, calm yourself and think rationally. Your boyfriend deserves a little credit, especially if you have talked about being in a serious, exclusive and committed relationship and he has never cheated on you before.

You might think that he’s not thinking about you, that’s why he hasn’t called. And the reason why he’s not thinking about you is because he doesn’t not love you anymore. It’s easy to arrive at these conclusions, but have you ever thought about cutting him some slack? Because he is not a machine that you can program to call you whenever you like – as a sign of his devotion.

Remember that your boyfriend is still his own person despite your exclusive and committed relationship. That means he’s still got his own life, his family, friends, school or career. He may just be focused on some of these other aspects of his life.

Focus on you

Instead of focusing all your attention on your boyfriend’s lack of communication, try focusing on the other aspects of your life.

When two people come in to a relationship, it’s easy to get lost in each other and forget the rest of the world. But at some point, you must realize that you both have your whole lives to lead – together and apart from each other.

Once you’ve got a handle on your own life, you will see your boyfriend for the great guy he really is – and that, yes, he wants to talk with you.

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