How to Deal with a Nagging Woman

angry womanFor men, a nagging woman may simply mean one thing: a pain in the ears. Naggers know what they are doing and they will not stop until they get what they want. And that is all what we have to remember about nagging.

But, of course, nagging can be so tiring it drives us insane. Thus we end up with our hands clapped against our ears only to shut out the ceaseless noise that is driving us insane.

However, there are also ways on how we can deal with it. The probability of success may not be guaranteed but it is simply worth the try. Below are different tips on how we can control a woman’s nagging.

Better to agree than to argue

Arguing with her complaints is like adding fuel to the fire. Most often than not, it is best to acknowledge them. Though there may be no resolution to the problem, it may at least buy you some time. Also, she may be so pleased with you that the nagging may be put to rest for some other time.

Sometimes battles are not worth fighting

Surrendering may sometimes provide you a better vantage point compared to pitching yourself into battle. This specifically refers to your shortcomings on your part. If you failed to do a chore, it’s best to give in and accept that you are wrong. Remember that this is not a matter of pride but of solace and peace of mind.

Make a move before the nagging takes place

If the main issue here is all about cleaning the living area after watching a game, then make an effort of cleaning it first before she gets the chance to nag again. Five minutes of cleaning is better than a day of relentless nagging.

Make deadlines and make sure you meet them

When she nags you about the faucet while you are watching a football game, assure her that you will do it after the game is done. And make sure that you really do it. That way, when it happens again, she will not nag you about it because she knows that you fulfill promises.

Surprise her with a hug and an act of kindness

Once the nagging starts again, hug her. You may even surprise her with an act of thoughtfulness by bringing her flowers. This way, she may even think of nagging as something romantic. You may even agree to watch a chick flick movie with her.

The main thing about this is that you get to divert her attention with all the kind stuff and surprises that you do to her.


Being a man, this sometimes become a weakness in your part. But you have to face the fact that this is really important.

So when she starts to nag you, ask her what she is really about. This will help you know whether there is a bigger issue behind her nagging or not. Additionally, this will bring any problem you have between each other into light.

Tell her that both of you need a break

This will give you some time off and consider how you have gotten together in the first place. You’ll learn how to appreciate those qualities of her in time due to that absence. Remember that this is the reason why hearts grow fonder every time they miss someone.

If leaving her is not an option, consider changing yourself

Sometimes there is a point in the things she is nagging about. You may have shortcomings, so make it a point that make it up for her. Reciprocating her nagging by turning the tables on her or the likes will not bring a proper solution to the problem. So listen to her and find out if you can consider alternatives that will help you the most.


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