How to Deal With Naggers

woman madWhen you first start dating a woman, both of you would put your best foot forward. The two of you would be on your best behavior and each party would try his or her best to impress the other. That’s how it is at the beginning. But as things get steady between the two of you, you start taking each other for granted. The old habits start to creep in and you suddenly notice how immature and irrational she has been acting lately.

Of course, it goes without saying that no woman is perfect. But when a woman changes for the worse, the first thing that would often cross a man’s mind is to bolt to the nearest exit.

One of the really annoying traits of women is their inability to stop nagging. If the man tries to please her and she still remains undaunted by her inability to see reason. Everything a man tries to do to make her happy somewhat make things worse.

When a woman nags too often, her partner will have a tendency to seek out some sort of haven elsewhere. This is perfectly understandable because men hate to be nagged. Men perceive nagging as a female strategy that just doesn’t work.

At times, they ignore the nagging by ignoring their partner altogether, but in other cases, they wimp out and simply give in. Anything to keep the peace between them.

Because there are different ways to deal with partners who love to nag; simply giving in to her outbursts or avoiding her altogether. The best strategy at this point is to put your feet down. Tell your nagging partner point-blank that nagging is not an effective way of communication.

Tell her that her efforts in trying to put across her wants, needs, and desires through nagging just wouldn’t work. It’s futile. Make sure she knows that the best way to communicate with each other is through direct means. This way, there would be less chances of being misunderstood or misinterpreted.


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  1. yes good talk this is nothing but truth pleas i need more advice cos i ve got one, and she won.t let go, now am thinking of runing for my dear life to exile.

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