How to fight with your man

How to fight with your man

Here is also some advice from Dr. Phil

1.keep it private.

Don’t make it everyone’s business, have respect for your partner and yourself.

2.Keep it real.

Deal with the issue at hand, not with a symptom of the problem. Get real about what is bothering you, or you will come away from the exchange even more frustrated.

3.Avoid character assassination.
Stay focused on the issue, rather than deteriorating to the point of attacking your partner personally. Don’t let the fight degenerate into name-calling.

Remember to treat others how you would like to be treated. Fight in a way that does not cause escalation to a larger fight. Be sure to really communicate how you feel that way you don’t walk away and feel like you were never heard. Another good rule after the fight is over,  ask your partner to repeat what he/she  heard and ask  what actions they are going to take to resolve  the issues. This should be answered by both members of the relationship.

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo


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  1. 2 more things:

    1) Don’t connect issues together even when you see a connection. Isolate the problem.
    2) Focus on finding solutions

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