Identifying Verbal Abuse In a Relationship

Abuse can come in different forms in a relationship. Aside from physical abuse, verbal abuse can also have a similar sting as well. In the case of women in the relationship, verbal abuse comes with a lingering effect that eventually can be detrimental to how a woman feels.

Only fools believe that words can’t hurt. It rather justifies that verbal abuse may be okay for some people. In any case, verbal abuse in a relationship is not right. Women should try to arm themselves and prevent verbal abuse from becoming a part of their life. However, the problem is that there are many women who, unfortunately, grow accustomed to the abuse. But in the long run, this can be quite distressful.

Most of the verbal abuse that happen to women is all about the man trying to assert control. This usually is not evident during the courting period. But sometimes the abuse can increasingly affect the relationship after it has gotten serious and with the couple settling down. But on the part of women, verbal abuse may not always be that noticeable, based on several reasons.

One reason why some women may not be aware that they are already suffering from verbal abuse is that women tend to think that certain verbal outbursts come as a result of their own faults. Some men only seem to act like this without friends and co-workers looking, leading women to believe that the anger may be her fault.

Sometimes the verbal abuse happens gradually that women eventually get used to it or adapt. It can be an on and off thing- one day he is sweet and the other day he is quite the opposite when it comes to dealing with you. At some other times, men make use of verbal abuse to control and assert their authority with women. Men also sometimes send mixed signals just to confuse women, even while they try to make sense of it all.

There are signs that women can look for that will help them identify that they may already be experiencing such abuse. One of the telltale signs is that he seems to get mad or irritated easily. When asked, the man would sometimes deny it or put the blame on the partner.

Another sign is that things don’t get resolved when both talk about certain issues. For the most part, the man would put the blame on the woman or tell her that she’s only going to start another argument. Another sign is that he starts taking the opposite view from that of a partner on almost everything. He can further reiterate that his opinion is right and that his partner is wrong.

Identifying verbal abuse can sometime be worse than actual physical abuse since the effects often linger and can cause damage emotionally and mentally. The hurt sometimes is not as easy to treat as a superficial wound. Women should try to be careful that they do not have to suffer from verbal abuse. They should try to identify and remedy the problem before it is too late.

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