Is Your Boyfriend Not Marriage Material?

coupleSometimes love is not the only consideration when deciding to get married. Marriage is a very important matter and you have to know whether your boyfriend is marriage material.

Here are some ways to tell if he is or isn’t the marrying kind:

Job hopping

If your boyfriend keeps going from job to job, imagine what your life would be if you married to him. You would have problems making ends meet because he can’t keep a job for the long term. And what could be the reason why he can’t keep a job for long? Poor work history usually reflects one’s character.

Bad money management

Is your boyfriend bad at handling his money? Then it would not be a good idea to marry this guy because, for one, how are you going to pay the rent, the bills, etc. if he can’t manage his money well?

Poor credit

If your boyfriend has bad credit record and doesn’t pay his bills, are you sure you want to be the one to shoulder the expenses? He’ll probably mess up your credit too. Do not marry the guy, or better yet dump him, unless he’s got a valid reason for having poor credit, like for instance, owning a company once that went bankrupt.


No, you’re not being materialistic. Owning a car, even a beat up one, says a lot about a guy. If he says he can’t afford a car, even an old one, be wary. It means he won’t be able to provide for you and your would-be family.

Driver’s license

If your boyfriend does not have a license – or he has one but is suspended, reconsider you decision to marry the guy. If he doesn’t have a license, or can’t keep one in good standing then that shows that he is irresponsible.

And be even more concerned if he says his license is suspended for not paying parking tickets. If he can’t manage to pay even his parking tickets, you can’t expect him to manage a home and a family.

Child support and visitations

If he has kids from a previous marriage that he doesn’t visit often, be wary. If he says thekids’ mom won’t let him see them, ask him why. If he doesn’t give you a straight answer, you have to dig deeper into this.

Likewise, if your boyfriend can’t pay child support regularly, do not consider marrying the guy. If he has a number of excuses why he can’t pay child support, it only shows how irresponsible a man and a father he is. It a sign that he’s probably like this when you have your own kids. Be very concerned if he doesn’t seem to care about taking care of his kid/s.

Criminal record and history of violence

This is probably the thing you should be most concerned about. If he has a history of being violent and or abusive, you should not have entered the relationship in the first place. The moment you learn about this, leave the relationship at once, especially if he has a history of domestic violence.

You should even consider getting a restraining order since he is a threat to women.

Likewise, if your boyfriend has a (long) criminal record, it’s not advisable to stay in a relationship with him. For one, the fact that he’s been in and out of jail shows what an irresponsible person he is.

For another, since he’s not likely to clean up his act, consider if you want to spend your money on bail or on yourself and your family.


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