Knowing When It’s Time To Move On

Knowing When It’s Time To Move On

There is something worse than a failed relationship. It is trying to hang on to a bad one. Trying to make a bad relationship work may just be like hanging on to a lost cause. The problem is, some people do not know if it is time for them to let go and move on. As a result, they feel trapped in a relationship that they should have stopped a long time ago. It is important to know when it is time to move on. Here are signs to look for.

Your partner is trying to change you.
Every person has his or her own unique personalities. Your character makes you who you are. In a good relationship, partners learn how to accept each other for who they are. However, if you are in a relationship where your partner is trying to change who you are or vice versa, then it may not be starting off on the right track. If this becomes a constant struggle between you and your partner for the longest time, then it may mean that your relationship may never work out. Acceptance, both good and bad sides of each other, is important for the relationship to work. Without it, you may need to move on and find another relationship worthy of your attention.

It has become a one sided affair.
Have you ever been into a relationship where you feel that you are the only one working hard to make it work? Many people have but they do not realize it. Relationship success will only be possible if two people work together to keep it going. If it has become just a one-sided affair where the other partner does not seem to care anymore, then it is time to move on to better things and put this relationship to a stop.

There is abuse and apologies all the time.
You are in a bad relationship if you begin to experience abuse in any form with your partner and the apologies you always get after it happens. It may not always be physical abuse. It may also be emotional as well as mental torture that you just seem not to mind for the sake of staying together. No matter how much you love a person, it is not right to just accept abuse and consider it a sacrifice out of love. A good relationship is not just about willing to bite the bullet. You also need to feel secure, comfortable and, most especially, happy. If it is nothing but a series of hurt and pain with a little bit of apologies to soothe your feelings, then the relationship may not be working.


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