Money And Broken Relationships

Money And Broken Relationships

Certain things can have a substantial effect on relationships. One of them is money. When paired together, money and relationship can have contrasting effects, depending on how people treat one over the other. The partnership can either help strengthen or damage a relationship. Here are some of the ways money can be a destructive or damaging factor in relationships.

Making Priorities
Some people put money as top priority over their relationships. Their life decisions are mostly based on financial outcomes rather than the emotional ramifications. This can make relationships take a backseat, which can end up neglected and set aside over time.

Creating Competition
Money can have a substantial effect in a relationship if couples try to use it as a way to stay above the other. Relationships take on a different meaning as couples try to compete on who makes more money. This can be a destructive cycle that can cause insecurities and hostility between couples which can damage any relationship.

Making Choices
Money takes such a high place in some people’s decision making that it can sometimes winds its way into how people choose their relationships. Some people enter into relationships by factoring how well-off or financially capable a prospective partner may be. While it can lead into a comfortable life, money really cannot buy happiness into relationships. After a while, people will feel empty in their relationships realizing that money doesn’t do anything to a couple’s emotional growth.

Keeping Secrets
Some couples have the tendency to hide money from their partners. They end up keeping secrets from each other, affecting trust. Over time, such secrets can lead to distrust and doubt over one another that can trickle down to other issues such as faithfulness and open communication, especially as these secrets end up getting discovered.


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