Reasons People Stay In Bad Relationships

Reasons People Stay In Bad Relationships

People can experience either a bad or a good relationship. It may seem common sense that people will try to stay in a good one and let go of the bad ones. But that may not always be the case. There are people who still try to maintain a bad relationship, even though they know that it may no longer be a healthy one. Such as in many cases of dysfunctional relationships where abused women do not even think about leaving their partners who abuse them. There are many common reasons why some people are still stuck in a bad relationship for such a long period of time. Here are just some of them.

Hoping for a better change in a partner.
Some people are stuck in a bad relationship because they are hopeful that their partner will soon change for the better. Many women believe that they have what it takes to make their partners let go of their bad ways and turn into an ideal mate. Some think that love can change them. But unfortunately, it does not happen all the time. More often than not, men still stick to their old bad habits, especially if they do not take the relationship seriously.

Comfortable in a relationship.
Some people choose to stay in a relationship out of the level of comfort they can get from it. They try to equate their choice to stay with the financial and material gains they can get out of it. But it can only go so far. It will not satisfy your yearning for a true relationship. People will just end up frustrated and empty over time despite all these material gains that they expect will give them a happy relationship.

The children issue.
Some relationships are forced to stay in a bad relationship for the sake of their children. Some women may feel powerless and helpless to take care of the children if they break off the relationship and stand on their own. It is one common reason why some prefer to keep a relationship at a great sacrifice on their part. But doing this may also have a bad effect on the children over time. The kids can be affected and influenced by your bad relationship and may even follow the same habits once they start on relationships of their own.

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