Relationship Rules People Often Ignore

shutterstock_128432789Couples in a successful relationship do not leave everything to chance. They purposefully work to keep their love and their relationship alive and grow. Behind all they work they do are certain relationship rules that they follow.

A relationship governed by rules has the best chance of surviving and making it through trials. The rules should be set by the couple themselves. They need to stick by it with dedication and grit. There are general relationship rules that are applicable to all couples and there are special ones that only apply to certain partners. One problem some couples face is that once they set up relationship rules to follow, they end up largely ignored. Here are some of the common relationship rules that some couples tend to ignore.

Understand where your significant other is coming from.

This is an often-ignored rule in many relationships. Some couples get into arguments and fights simply because they do not try to understand where their partners are coming from. They do not try to look into things from the other’s perspective. They are only focused on their own line of thinking. They are not always open enough to another opinion other than theirs.

Be always honest.

Although it is understandable, this rule is also most often ignored in relationships. Some couples believe that it is okay to tell a white lie now and then. But it only takes that one instance to progress into habitual lying. Couples who care a lot about their relationship put a high value on trust. Being honest towards each other all of the time helps build up that trust. It only takes a single lie to destroy it all.

Accept each other’s flaws.

Another common relationship rule that often is ignored, acceptance of each other’s shortcomings can do a lot in order to have a smooth life together. But sometimes, some couples use each other’s flaws as weapons to strike harm upon each other. In a bid to be on top, couples bicker and complain about how each other’s flaws are weakening the relationship. The flaws do not actually harm the relationship, it is the failure to accept each other’s faults and move on. Unless a couple learns to understand each other’s faults and accept it as part of the relationship, then there will always be fighting and resentment.

Respect and be each other’s equal.

People always have a problem over the tradition of authority in relationships. Most of us are brought up in a male-dominated society. That is why traditional relationships put the male above the female. However, while many relationships also last based on this setup, couples should also not forget to see each other as equals. Some men may consider themselves as the more dominant and therefore, try to get the upper hand in the relationship. Sometimes such sense of authority ends up being abused. It is better for couples who hope for a long lasting relationship to see each other as equals. There should be no vertical hierarchy. It builds respect for each other that helps the relationship stay strong.



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