Secrets That Can Harm A Relationship

Secrets That Can Harm A Relationship

A successful relationship is based mainly on trust. Without it, any relationship will not last. That is why it is important for couples to try and maintain the high level of trust they have on each other. This includes never trying to keep secrets from each other that can harm a relationship. Here are some of them.

Physical or Mental Ailments

If you have a certain physical condition or mental ailment, hiding it from your partner can be very hurtful. Keeping it a secret will cause a lot of strain and problems into a relationship  once it is discovered. You may need to let your partner know about it early in the relationship, In fact, some states even require people by law to disclose certain ailments, especially if you have HIV.

Serious Financial Problems

While keeping secrets is not entirely bad, they do come with that risk of breaking the trust that binds the couple. More so if that secret involves money problems. Some partners trying to keep their financial issues a secret are always thinking that they are protecting their relationship from breaking. But as a matter of fact, financial infidelity is a main reason why couples may decide to break off, according to a recent survey. Around 70 percent of married couples in the survey would think about ending a relationship because of an undisclosed debt.


Keeping your addiction a secret, whether it may be drugs, gambling, or another, can only protect you for so long. But once your addiction is discovered, prepare for a lot of heartache and pain as the ultimate result. Keeping addictions a secret can be a mistake that will destroy your relationship later on. It would be better to put it out in the open before the relationship gets any serious. More often than not, being open will even bring out concern and support that you would really need from your partner. It would end out better for you especially if you aim towards a path of recovery from your addictions. Your relationship will even become stronger in the process, if you just let your partner know about it ahead of time.


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