Signs A Long-Distance Relationship Is In Trouble

shutterstock_97961864A long-distance relationship can be quite a challenge for any couple. Although it is not impossible with the help of technology, patience and true love, it is always more difficult to maintain over long periods compared to relationships where partners are always close together physically. It may be prone to break up after a certain period of time being away from each other. Here are some signs that may indicate a long-distance relationship in trouble.

Partners take each other for granted.

In a long distance relationship, couples can run into the risk of losing interest. Being far away from each other, partners can be too caught up doing other things to spend their time. A long-distance relationship may start out with good intentions and the motivation to keep in touch as often as possible. But over time, couples may find other things that may consumer their time. The phone calls and catching up conversations eventually dwindle. Partners begin to take each other for granted. This may be a sign of a long-distance relationship in trouble.

Only one partner seeks to maintain the relationship.

Any long-distance relationship requires that both partners work together to keep the relationship alive. The distance can sometimes take its toll on one partner differently. It may be easy to lose focus and tire out from the way the relationship is going. Eventually, it may lead to a point where only one partner strives to maintain the relationship. If ever this happens, it becomes an indication that the relationship may be getting worse.

Partners begin to keep secrets from each other.

Couples need to be open about everything regarding their lives. They need to show each one that they have nothing to hide. But in a long-distance relationship, the temptations and risks increase considering that each partner may not always be around to see what the other is doing. Once a partner takes advantage of this, he or she may begin to make mistakes. A partner may then learn to keep secrets from each other. Once the partners begin to keep secrets and gets away with it, they tend to show little value on the relationship itself. It loses its meaning and essence. It becomes a sign of trouble where breakup may be imminent.

There is less talk about the future.

One of the things that keep couples in a long-distance relationship going includes the plans couples have regarding their future. When couples see a bright and exciting future for the relationship, the distance that keeps both partners away from each other will not matter. But when that future eventually becomes blurred and vague over time, trouble may be brewing on the horizon. When the talk about the future of the relationship gradually wanes, it may indicate that the couple may no longer have a clear idea of where the relationship is going. It may be a sign of a long-distance relationship starting to go downhill.

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