Signs of an Abusive Relationship

abusive relationshipNot all relationships are equal. It is usual for couples to have certain issues that they try to iron out, but there are relationships where one partner tends to over-dominate the other. In that case, the partnership is abusive. It is not healthy, and it is a big problem.

People are being submitted in an abusive relationship are often in denial that they themselves are in a troublesome situation. They usually believe that nothing is wrong and that it is their own fault why the boyfriend or girlfriend is continually punishing them both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Abusive relationships are progressive. They do not begin with a simple act of physical or sexual violence. Tactics are used to gain control over the victim before physical abuse or sexual activity is introduced. Here are some signs that you are in a abusive relationship and need to get out, fast:

Emotional abuse – You are being called names, criticized heavily, being joked upon in a demeaning or embarrassing manner.

Intimidation – You are being threatened or scared by your partner, especially if he or she senses that you want to leave the relationship.

Isolation – You are being kept away from your family and friends, usually because of jealousy.

Denial – You most likely blame yourself for the failed relationship, that you can do nothing about it but to face your partner’s wrath.

Harming your children – Your partner uses you children as blackmail, threatening to harm them.

Financial control – Your partner prevents you from either working or using your paycheck. He or she would even demand account on all spending.


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