Signs You Are In A Relationship Rut

Signs You Are In A Relationship Rut

Many relationships go through the usual ups and downs. It is just a normal occurrence due to differences and sometimes misunderstandings. But they are usually resolved by the couple before they get worse. But a bigger problem that many couples go through is a relationship rut. After a while, some partners may feel that the relationship is going stale. They feel that boredom may be slowly creeping in. There are many signs that you may be going through a relationship rut. Here are some of them.

Your primary updates of your relationship come mainly from social media.
Sometimes people get so busy that relationships take a backseat. Overtime, couples can get complacent and just get on with the routine like it no longer has that special spark. Sometimes even when couples still go out on dates, partners get to know what is happening in each other’s lives through the online social network rather than from each other. When this happens, your relationship may already be in a rut.

You no longer laugh at your partner’s jokes.
Remember the time when you can easily laugh at your partner’s cheesy jokes and enjoy it? Have you noticed lately that you no longer find it fun anymore? It even begins to annoy you this time. When you begin to realize this, then your relationship may be becoming stagnant.

You are making less and less conversation when going out.
Your relationship is becoming a bit stagnant when you are no longer making interesting conversations during your dates. Dinner seems to be made up of constant checking of your mobile phone, playing games or checking your social network updates online. You even begin to have the fear of going out of dates because you cannot seem to start meaningful conversations anymore. This may be a sign of a relationship rut.

You begin to feel you are in a relationship rut.
A relationship rut does not come suddenly. It develops through time. Sometimes most people fail to notice it at the onset. But when they begin to feel that something may be wrong with the relationship but cannot pinpoint what it is exactly, that is a good sigh of the relationship getting in a rut. But that does not necessarily mean a breakup is imminent. There are still ways to rescue the relationship and make it work. It only takes couples acknowledging the problem and strive to work it out. It takes a couple’s effort to recover and make the relationship relevant again in their lives.

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