The Body Language Of Lying

shutterstock_159062138Trust is always important in any relationship. It is the glue that keeps two people together. When that trust is compromised, such as when a partner starts lying, the relationship may become strained. It takes considerable effort to bring back the same trust on each other once it is broken.

It is hard to determine whether your partner may be lying about something. It is important to discover and know the cues and signals that may give them out in case they are lying. Your partner’s body language may give you some hints. Here are some common body language cues that may help tell you that you spouse may not be telling the truth.

Eye rubbing

When someone is telling a lie, there is this feeling of guilt or shame that may come over. People may then have a tendency to avoid eye contact when telling a lie. Rubbing one’s eyes may help do the trick. If your spouse is not telling the truth, he or she may not be aware of doing this.

Shaking the head while saying “Yes”

When your spouse is sending you a mixed signal, then there is a possibility that he or she is not telling the truth. Your spouse may be unconsciously telling something by his actions that do not necessarily agree with the words said. When this happens, there is something that you really need to know more about.

Covering the mouth when talking

Some people try to hide their lies by covering their mouths. They are subconsciously trying to hide the lies coming out of their mouths. The action may be as obvious as covering the whole mouth when talking or simply just putting a finger on the lips.

Neck rubbing

Researchers say that lying can cause a tingling sensation on the tissues found on the neck. It also happens when the person is somehow uncertain about something. When a spouse touches or rubs the neck area or simply playing with his or her collar, then it may be a sign that he or she may not be sure of telling you the truth.

Touching the nose

You might think that it might be influenced by Pinocchio, but touching one’s nose may also indicate if someone is lying. Researchers discovered that telling a lie may cause the tissue on the nose to swell, causing people to touch or rub their nose. They might say that they have an allergy. They might not just be telling you the truth.


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