The Importance of Sleep Compatibility

couple sleepCompatibility in couples is one of the factors that make a relationship last. There’s personality compatibility, sexual compatibility, religious compatibility, and even cultural compatibility. Of late, though, there is also what we call sleep compatibility.

The spotlight has turned on sleep compatibility because the numbers of couples who are sleeping apart have increased over the years.

Surveys show that in the United States, an estimated 23% of American couples are beginning to sleep in different bedrooms because of a lapse in sleep compatibility with their partners. This goes for both the young and the old couples, although studies suggest that sleep incompatibility worsen as couples grow older.

There are several reasons behind couples’ decision to sleep apart at night. Some of these are listed below:

  • snoring
  • body movements while sleeping
  • differences in body temperature
  • sleeping time
  • preferences in room temperature

Sleeping apart is no fun because it takes out the closeness and comfort of cuddling with your partner at night. So act now before it’s too late. Resolve sleep compatibility issues with your partner while you still can. Or suffer the consequences in the future.

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