Warning Signs Of A Troubled Relationship

Warning Signs Of A Troubled Relationship

Relationships can only last as long as how couples wish them to. When one partner decides that enough is enough, relationships begin to falter and fail. But sometimes people who take their relationships seriously may not be aware that it may be in trouble in the first place. They only realize it only when it is already too late. It is important to look out for those warning signs that may indicate a relationship in trouble. Here are some of them.

Communication Breakdown
Communication is an important part of any relationship. It allows couples to share their ideas, feelings and dreams to one another. It helps foster a better understanding of each other that makes the relationship work. When that line of communication begins to break apart, it also begins to affect the relationship. Couples no longer talk to each other. They no longer share or care. Eventually, a disconnect develops between partners that results in a failed relationship.

Increasing Selfish Desires
One of the keys to a successful relationship is shared intimacy. Each partner knows what turns on each other and strives to keep that desire alive. But sometimes, selfish desires take hold. Partners start to look after their personal desires. It eventually takes over that people start to look for gratification somewhere else out side of the relationship. When partners decide to give more importance to their personal desires rather than what they can get from their relationship, it is a glaring warning sign that the relationship may be in trouble.

Worsening Financial Conflicts
While some couples say that their relationship is over and above money matters, time will eventually teach them that such issues do happen even to the best of them. Many conflicts in a relationship arise out of finances. To some degree, insecurity and jealousy may be behind it. Sometimes, it can be a result of the difference between a couple’s perceived financial values. When conflicts over money and finances gets worse and worse over time, it may be a warning sign that the relationship may be in trouble.

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