Warning Signs Your Relationship May Be Suffering

shutterstock_148208435There are relationships that stay strong over the years. There are also others that become weak over time. There are some relationships that struggle on even though couples are no longer happy with each other. Based on the length of time alone, it is difficult to determine whether a relationship is successful or not.

Any relationship can either thrive or suffer over a certain period. An impending failure of a relationship comes with warning signs. People usually recognize them because they tend to make one partner go through a period of sadness or depressing period. These signs do not signal the impending end of a relationship but a cause for alarm that couples need to address before it further damages the relationship. Here are some warning signs to watch out for.

Power Struggle

One of the main problems in a failing relationship is that one partner tends to impose higher authority over the other. This may be influenced by the parent-child or the boss-employee relationship people experience at home or in the workplace. The struggle for power seems to spill over to the relationship. But on the contrary, a healthy relationship thrives on shared power. Couples know how to balance authority to give each partner an equal footing. When there is a constant struggle for power or authority between partners, then the relationship may be going through issues that need to be addressed immediately.

Abusive Behavior

Another warning sign of a suffering relationship is the presence of abuse. One partner may have a controlling attitude that allows him or her to look down on the other. It may start at first as criticism that leads to verbal or emotional abuse. At its worst, it progresses into physical abuse. Abuse in all its forms should not be part of a healthy relationship.


Depression can become contagious. One partner feels depressed and sad all the time can influence the feelings of the other partner. Soon they both feel sad and depressed all the time. This can have a damaging effect on the relationship. Couples should consider the condition as a possible warning sign of a suffering relationship. They should try to have it treated before it can do further damage.

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