What Couples Can Do About Stress In The Relationship

shutterstock_146633906Overwhelming stress can be one of those factors that cause any relationship to suffer. Couples can experience stress from various fronts- work, business, family, finances, health and each other. Some couples know how to deal with it and cope up. Others are not so lucky. Too much stress can put a strain on any relationship. How couples are able to handle the stress in their lives can also have an effect on their bond. Here are some tips that will help couples deal with stress more effectively.

Understand gender differences in coping with stress.

The most important thing that couples should know about is that men and women have different coping mechanisms when it comes to stress. It is important for both partners to know about this in order to understand each other better. If not, then couples need to prepare for a lot of disagreements and confrontation along the way. If one expects the other to react to stress the same way, then they are in for a surprise. What one may perceive to be indifference or intrusion may actually be how one copes with stress, depending on one’s gender. Understanding is therefore, very important to avoid misinterpretations that can further harm the relationship.

How men cope up with stress.

Men in general use up testosterone hormones when they deal with stress. They can use up large amounts of the hormone during the day as they cope up with stress at work or while doing certain activities. By the end of the day, they are spent and with the testosterone at low levels. At this point, men need to have some downtime in order to replenish their testosterone levels. That is why most men tend to just head to their favorite sofa to watch a football game or the news. They need time to space out or a way to escape in order to forget problems for a while. It is generally how males try to manage stress.

How women cope up with stress.

Women cope up with stress differently. It deals with different levels of the hormone oxytocin. High levels of oxytocin lead to women to nurture and reaching out to others as a way to cope with stress. As the hormone levels go down, women have this need to seek support or talk it out with others. It is a way to make sense of the stressors in their lives and help keep the oxytocin levels up.

What men can do to reduce stress levels.

If men find their partners stressed out, they can help them cope by offering their support when needed. It can be as simple as giving an ear to listen while they talk. They can also provide support by just being there for company when they need someone to talk to. There are also activities that help women cope up with the stress such as going out on a date or pampering themselves or even their loved ones. The nurture aspect of these activities can help bring oxytocin levels up in women. This, in turn, helps them cope up with stress better.

What women can do to help reduce stress levels.

What most women feel as indifference at the end of the day may actually be men just trying to build up their testosterone levels. Men usually need some quiet time alone for this. They need to do something that they enjoy to forget their problems or stressors for the meantime. While women try to talk about their problems to cope up, men need to escape from them. This is what women need to understand. This stark difference in handling stress between genders can be a cause of conflict in the relationship.

Helping each other cope with stress.

In order to rebuild testosterone levels, women may need to give their partners some time for themselves to spend. The more stressful they are, the more time they need for this. Men in return should try to provide support and company when they find their partners stressed out. Going out to dinner or treating them to a trip to the salon or the shopping mall will also help a lot. All it takes is for both men and women understand how each other copes up with stress. This will also help strengthen the relationship along the way.


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