What Makes People Fear Getting Into A Relationship

shutterstock_114791563People may have different views on relationships. Some may welcome it while others seem to dread it. Even some people are afraid of getting into relationships, to the point of it being a phobia. There are many reasons for this. Here are some of them.

Some people do not like change.

There are some people who prefer their life as it is right now. They are comfortable with the type of lifestyle they follow, their independence and their privacy. They are not too keen of changing anything about it. Getting into a relationship will surely bring in some changes and some people fear that it may cause many unnecessary changes into their lives.

Some people are afraid of rejection.

Some people may have self-esteem issues and may be quite sensitive when it comes to rejection. They do not shun any relationship with the opposite sex per se. They are just afraid of being rejected. They feel as though it is the end of the world for them when someone declines their romantic advances. It hurts their ego when they are not accepted. So they do not try at all just to avoid the rejection.

Some people are afraid of experiencing heartbreak.

There are some people who may have already been through a relationship that ended up in heartbreak. The experience may be so traumatic and painful that they begin to develop fear whenever they think about romantic relationships. Some people do not want to have the same experience again so they avoid starting any new romantic relationships.

Some people just do not believe in true love.

Love is the ingredient that makes relationships work. Without it, any relationship may be doomed to fail. This might be the underlying issue for people who do not believe in love. Some people grow up not knowing or experiencing love. They may have gone through a bitter life experience that did not allow them to learn and know about love. People who experienced their parents going through a divorce usually develop these feelings about love. They realize early in love that love may work out.


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