Why Women Depend On Men

man and womanWomen are difficult to understand. They say one thing but they mean another. However, there are certain things about them that are constant. These things are the stuffs that guys say to drive them out of their minds.

Women’s behavior may not change, but there’s still hope for a smooth sailing relationship with women. That is, if guys are willing to change their reactions to women’s behaviors.

One of the most annoying behavior of women is their high expectations of men. Women never stop expecting men to change their tires, replace the fuses, or program the VCR. In short, women expect men to take care of them. Women expect men to do certain tasks for them.

Why? Well, women were raised in a society which believes that women aren’t good in mechanical stuffs. Therefore, women expect the men to do all these stuffs.

There are several women, who prefer to do things on their own, but more often than not, women’s expectations of men include the men’s "responsibility" to take over, especially when electrical and mechanical things are concerned.

When men are tasked to tend to the needs of women, they do so without hesitation, sometimes even with a tinge of pride. At times, though, men tend to think that women are going overboard.

In such cases, the best thing that a man can do is to remind himself that there are benefits to hoarding knowledge. Changing his mindset is an effective way to change his reaction with regards to this annoying behavior of women.

Even if men cannot entirely grasp the idea behind women’s behavior, adjusting to them and trying to appease them can lessen fights and misunderstandings.


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