Myths About Divorce And Kids

Myths About Divorce And Kids

When it comes to marriage and family, divorce is one of the more damaging issues that may destroy these relationships. Although divorce may primarily affect married couples who do not get along with each other over a period of time, it will also eventually have an effect on the kids. Couples tend to believe certain myths when it comes to kids and divorce. Here are some of them.

Myth 1: My kids will want me to be happy.
Some people may have this idea that divorce may be the answer to their happiness. If they no longer feel happy with the relationship, it becomes the next best option in their minds. They even believe that their kids will ultimately be looking after their happiness. But the fact of the matter is that it is not the main issue with kids affected by divorce. Kids would want their parents to stay together and work together as a family. The younger the kids, the more they think of keeping the family together. That is more important for them than the happiness their parents feel with the separation.

Myth 2: My relationship with the kids will not change.
Some people undergoing a divorce tend to convince themselves that their relationship with the kids will still be the same. But just as it brings drastic changes to the basic family structure, a divorce will surely change certain aspects of the relationships within the family. Certain emotional, mental and social factors come into play that will lead to drastic changes that couples may have to address with their kids relationship wise, once the divorce pushes through.

Myth 3: The kids will be able to adapt to the new situation post-divorce.
It is in this area that many couples tend to have the wrong notions about children and divorce. Adults think that kids will have the same mindset as them when it comes with divorce. Some couples tend to neglect that younger minds sometimes may not be able to understand why their parents need to separate instead of working on their differences. Some may not be as strong as other kids and may experience a certain level of trauma that may affect a child for life. It is wrong to believe that all the kids will be able to understand the situation and be able to adapt and move on with their lives.


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