10 Things Guys Include On Their Online Dating Profiles…But Shouldn’t

10 Things Guys Include On Their Online Dating Profiles…But Shouldn’t


I mean we do, but when we’re alone in bed with you. At this point, it’s more important that we see you’re jacked…on the inside. It’s also more important that we don’t see your chest. Proof that you work out, possibly obsessively, and with the help of injections is something we’d rather find out never.

You know when you have to enter in “your most humbling moment”? Please, please, don’t write “signing up for this site.” Or anything of the like. The thing is, we’re both obviously on the site cruising it, so if you’re ashamed, then I’m ashamed too. And say we totally hit it off, are we going to have to make up a lie about how we bumped into each other at a coffee shop and how you spilled my coffee all over me and then we locked eyes and then our lips met and that’s how grandma and grandpa fell in love? Well, that’s kind of sweet, so okay we can do that. But still. (call me)

Guys please do not put up a picture of your bare chest, we really do not like it, trust me we think it is corny and in bad taste.  We do not care if you have a chest like Brad Pitt or Bradley Cooper, it is not necessary and leaves women thinking that all your into is getting naked and having sex! Secondly guys, please do not embarrass yourself or us with the pathetic comment of just cruising the site. All that you are really saying is that “I must be pathetic and so are you!”.  The truth is, you joined the site like countless others in hopes that there just might be that special someone out there. It is completely romantic and embrace it as so!

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo



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