10 Tips to Making a Good Impression

handsome guyEver heard of the saying "first impressions last"? Of course you have. The Axe commercial made sure of that. As tacky as it sounds, there is truth to the old Axe adage.

And while the Axe commercial is all about catching a girl’s attention and making good impression on her, I doubt if the cologne brand would be able to help you much when it comes to impressing her parents.

Fortunately it is not so hard to make a good first impression.

Be on time

Always be punctual. When meeting your girlfriend’s parents, arriving on time gives the impression that you are reliable and respectful of other people’s time.


Make sure you are clean. Imagine dinner with your girlfriend’s parents would go if you reek of B.O. and have morning breath? Not good, right? Also, put on neat (and pressed) clothes.


When you greet her parents, make sure you greet them both in a polite and friendly manner. Make eye contact to give the impression that you are honest and trustworthy.

Giving compliments

If you are dining at your girlfriend’s house, make sure you compliment the cook by telling them how good the food is. But of course you have to be sincere with your compliments or they will see right through you. Clean up after yourself when you are done, offer to help wash the dishes and thank them for dinner afterwards.

Meet your curfews

If your out on a date, make sure you bring your girlfriend home at agreed time (or earlier). If you are running late for some reason, call her parents so they will not worry.

Underage drinking and driving

If you are underage, do not drink and drive, and do not do drugs. You could get juvy time for DUI. Worst case scenario, you both end up dead.

Legal age drinking and driving

Even if you are of legal drinking age, you could still go to jail for DUI. Never do drugs as well. And even if you are not driving, that is no excuse to get wasted.

Be active in school

All parents like kids with good grades. What is even more impressive is if you are involved in school activities and still keep your grades up. It shows that you are a responsible person. And even if you are not seeing anyone at the moment, it is still nice to get good grades in school.

Be active in the community

Be involved in community service organizations. Again it shows how responsible you are, and is also something worth doing even if you’re not out to impress anyone.

Do not overstay your welcome

When you visit your girlfriend, make sure you stay for a reasonable length of time. Do not hang around doing nothing worthwhile. Do not overstay your welcome.


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