Being Single at Weddings

single at weddingBeing single at weddings is not something to cry about. Just because a friend has gone on to taking that next step in a relationship and get married, and with you being only a few of those left single, should not be a cause of concern.

You might feel that you are losing a friend since some priorities might change along with getting married. You might feel that you arte slowly getting left behind by being one of the few singles left in your group of friends. It would certainly not help finding yourself attending another wedding party of a friend.

Being single at weddings is not something worth worrying about. At any age, it shouldn’t force you to pressure you to get hitched yourself. You will arrive at that stage in your life sooner or later. But finding yourself being single at too many weddings should not be reason enough to rush things. Try instead to think of the advantages and benefits that singlehood may still provide.

One of the joys of being single is about the freedom. This freedom can become limited quickly in a marriage. By being single, one can still have the freedom to do anything. Nothing is shared with someone and everything is on sole proprietorship.

The money you earn is all yours to spend. What free time you have can be enjoyed any way you wish. You won’t have someone to tell you to save up what you earn for the future or be sent on an errand or tag along to buy this week’s groceries on your free time. If you still value such freedom, you are better off single.

Another advantage of being single is that you have more time to focus on your career or building up your dreams. Marriage can sometimes put your dreams or career on standby. It is not that marriage can put a halt to your dreams or leave you out of work.

But the time that you might spend focusing on the goals you wish to achieve while still single might sometimes be set aside in lieu of taking additional responsibilities that come with marriage. At best, it might slow you down a bit in achieving your dreams. So if you do not wish to take a detour on your way to your personal dreams or goals in life, you might have better success of achieving them while still single.

Another benefit of being single is that you still have more time to get to know more people. Being married may limit you in meeting up with new and old friends whenever you like. By being single, you still have the freedom to go on dates and not feel guilty about it. Same goes with flirting with an officemate or admiring an incredible specimen of the opposite sex.

Such benefits are yours to enjoy in singlehood. So do not worry about finding yourself being single at weddings. Who knows, you might even find someone at the wedding party that you might fancy and you can still be happy about it.


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