Building Self-Confidence with Women

building self confidenceMen have often been branded as "the stronger sex." However, having brute physical strength is nothing if you do not have the self-confidence to back it up.

It would be nice to do some little mental strengthening every once in a while. With more self-confidence, you impress more women, giving you more chances of getting into a more successful romantic relationship. Here are some ways to boost your self-confidence around women.

Create a confident image of yourself in your mind

Imagine yourself with your chin held high while walking with a bit of a swagger. Even if you do not have that model-ish looks or the wit of an MIT grad, you can change how you present yourself but still maintaining who you are as a person.

Think and act positively

Do not just imagine yourself in a positive light; you need to behave positively as well. The confident you that you have been dreaming about can only be achieved if you act on it. Your self-image feeds off the way you behave and can affect how others around you behave. For instance, speaking in a slow tone increases your authority towards those around you.

Focus on fixing your behavior more than how bad you think of yourself

Your brain is not an expert in turning around negative thinking. The moment you begin thinking about how nervous you are, more often than not you begin to feel terribly nervous that it is hard to shake it off. Instead, determine what makes you nervous and deal with it, like breathing deeply and slowly before approaching a girl you like.

Accomplish smaller, more manageable tasks

For some men, getting into a romantic relationship may seem to be a huge challenge and end up becoming afraid of even taking it. You want to achieve a bigger goal, try breaking that challenge into smaller and more manageable tasks.

If you spot a girl you like and would want to be with her in a relationship, you need to accomplish how you approach her first before focusing on becoming acquainted enough that she gives her phone number to you, then to the challenge of a first date, and so on. As you achieve each step your confidence will grow, as well attaining a sense of mastery over the issue.


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  1. From experience, “exposure” to women is important – even if it is difficult. Let yourself make mistakes and just get as much practice as possible. Keep your mind open, keep on improving, keep on practicing, and success will come over time.

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