Building Self Confidence

confidenceWomen are drawn in more towards men who are more confident than others. In the fierce competitive dating world, confidence is a sign of how successful or powerful a man is, as these two are part of the parameters that women look for in men.

But how does a guys develop self confidence? Is he supposed to be wealthy or have a great job? Is he supposed to be a celebrity or a powerful person? In reality, confidence is all about believing in yourself, believing in your positive qualities and in your potential. Here are some suggestions to make you gain more confidence.

Make your own space – Don’t appear desperate by approaching every attractive woman you can find. When you’re in a bar, just chill. Create your own “personal space” and just scan for that one single lady whom you find attractive.

Talk slow, deep, and affirmatively – Voice tone is an important indicator of your confidence level. Talking slow shows that you think before you speak, thereby saying things with confidence and affirmation. A deep voice adds the “masculine factor” in your voice, as women are in search for a male partner and not a male shopping buddy, if you know what I mean.

Radiate positive energy – As with every vital dating tip, smiling relieves tension off your body and off the conversation. Other positive body languages such as talking with open palms can make good impressions on your date.

Never panic – If the date doesn’t go on as planned, don’t panic. Don’t feel uneasy, show signs that you are sweating, catch up on your words, and other downturn actions. In cases that your date turned you down, just relax, apologize, and leave your date. After all, she is not the only pretty girl in the bar.

Keep your focus – Remember your goal why you are looking for a date. It could either be you are in search for a relationship or a casual sex partner. In any case, remember not to deviate from your goal.

Do not fear anything – Breathe in deeply and imagine that you can do just about anything. Do not fear of being rejected once you approach a potential date. If you do get rejected, just keep your confidence, scan the bar again for other prospective dates.

Practice these tips daily, even beyond the dating scene, until they have become embedded in your subconscious. In that way, self confidence would become second nature to you.


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