Dating Pick-Up Lines

dating pick up linesWe have probably heard almost every pick-up line invented on earth, from the usual “What’s your sign” to the cheesiest of “I must be in heaven because I’m seeing an angel.” Men usually use this as a way to break the ice, but do they really work?

Truth is, it can be helpful, and some of the lines does magic with the ladies. Pick-up lines are best useful among guys who wanted to try the dating circuit for the first time. So what should you do to make it really work? Here are our pick-up line tips that we hope would be helpful.

Pick-up lines work at the start of the date – Pick-up lines are meant to jump-start a conversation with your date or to give her a favorable impression of you. Blurting out a new pick-up line every time you talk to your date is not a good idea.

Make your line sincere – You won’t achieve a lot of success in your dates if you speak out your lines as if you’re memorizing a math formula. Pick-up lines only work if you say it from inside of you.

Use a line that would make her smile – The best pick-up lines are the ones that would make your date smile at you or laugh with you (not AT you). For starters, you can complement about her beauty and compare it to something exotic or beautiful as well. You could also try creating a joke as you comment about the event both of you are in, like when both of you are in a art exhibit or in a dance night.

Learn from your mistakes – Do not be afraid that the line would not work. If you experienced failure on your first date, at least you learned not to use it again. As you gain more and more positive (as well as negative) replies from your dates, you also gather more and more information on what to do and what not to do in pick-up lines.

Incorporate your line to your personality – Internalize your strong points, such as your positive attitude and beliefs, into your pick-up lines. The result is that the lines are not the only starting point in your dating, but also the personality that you display to her.

Do not rely on your lines too often – Use your lines every once in a while, especially if the the girl you want to pursue is difficult to please. Sometimes, a simple “Hi,” “How are you doing,” and introducing your name with a smile is enough to meet the woman you like.

Try making up your own lines – Like I said before, girls have probably heard a lot of pick-up lines that they might say out loud the continuation of your lines. If you can, create unique pick-up lines that are positive and void of double-entendres (to create a favorable impression).

Learn when to let go of your pick-up lines – There will be a time when you feel so comfortable interacting with a woman that attracting them to you would be second nature to you. In that case, you don’t need pick-up lines for that.


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