Dating Tips for Guys, According to Katharine McPhee

“Smash” star and “American Idol” runner-up Katharine McPhee dishes out in the UK version of Men’s Health on what men should do in difficult dating situations.

In an interview, McPhee tells men to be natural and straightforward when giving their phone number, as well as make women laugh. Here are some of her dating tips for guys in greater detail:

Be effortlessly natural – Pick-up lines can make or break your chances of getting that lady’s phone number. McPhee tells the guys to make it seem natural. You can start with “Hey, we met before, right? At some party the other night?” If the lady says no (of course), follow it up with “That’s weird, you look so familiar,” then begin introducing yourself. This seemingly natural way of starting a conversation makes the female feel more of a person and less like a bait.

Give your number if she really wants to – “Hey, I would really like to chat with you more. Perhaps I could give you my number.” If she declines, be civil and cool about the rejection. But if she asks for your digits, have her whip out her phone and let her type the number. It gives her a sense of control.

If you cannot dance, try – You do not have to be the Channing Tatum on the dance floor. A simple sense of rhythm is needed to survive in the club. If you cannot even stay on the beat, it is probably best to sit down and chat with your lady date instead or whip out the most awkwardly cute dance like “The Sprinkler” (look it up on YouTube). Either way, keep your eyes on her, make her laugh, and make her feel attractive.

The location of your first date is vital – You can never go wrong with a traditional dinner date, with both of you all dressed up. You can follow it up with a walk to a nearby bar for an after-dinner drink. And do not forget to give her a ride (or a cab) home.

Source: Digital Spy

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