Dating Tips for Men with More Successful Partners

A recent research paper submitted to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business demonstrate that a woman’s earning potential could impact her dating–and even marriage–potential. The authors (namely Marianne Bertrand, Emir Kamenica, and Jessica Pan) forecast that women who have higher salaries might have a lesser chance of getting married, or that they could take jobs they are overqualified for just so they could bear the impact of the social norm regarding men being the breadwinner of the family.

Women who earn higher wages than their male counterparts may be worried that men might get intimidated by them, but women should not be blamed for this. In a society that puts much emphasis on money and social standing, it is difficult for men to feel equal to their partners who earn more money than them.

However, financial standings should not be the anchor of a romantic relationship. People are worth more than any money they could earn. You can either try to land a job with better pay or resign to the fact that your lady makes more money. If your partner does not mind by that fact, then do not sweat about it. Here are helpful tips for men whose wives and girlfriends have fatter wallets without bruising their ego.

There are other ways to provide – Men have an inherent desire to provide for the people they love, but just because have less money does not make them dead beats. If the woman brings home the bigger bacon, there are other things you can provide such as fixing the house, making dinner, and making your partner feel cherished and loved as much as possible.

You can still offer gifts – Men may think there is nothing they could buy for their woman, but that should not be the case. A woman who cares about you would not judge their partner’s choice of gift, whether it is a single rose or a small box of chocolates.

Never resent her – Once the man builds resentments towards their more successful women, it is downhill from there. Such negative feelings are childish to say the least. Instead, be happy for her and share in her joy.

Do not feel upset when she offers you help – Women are caretakers by nature, largely due to their maternal instinct. They do not want to see their man struggle and would only be natural for them to offer some help. Do not get mad if this happens; it will hurt both of you. Simply accept her offer to get you out of the rut or buy you something that you need.

You still have to pay for that date – Even if she offers you to take you out to dinner, do not assume she is going to foot the bill simply because she makes more money. Offer to pay the check instead. This gives an impression that you are not trying to take advantage of her.

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