Dating Tips for Modern Men

No. Landing a date is not about hitting a girl on the head with a club. Men, like any male species in the animal kingdom, have to try their best to attract the opposite sex. In the case for humans, it is more than just showing off the tail feathers or assert one’s strength. Relationship coach Rebecca Brody teaches men of today how to flirt their way into a woman’s heart.

Dress nicely – Put on a style that represents you, but making sure that it is not too flashy or inappropriate for your age. Your style should bring out the best of you, so you could be with a date who likes to take care of herself as well.

Love yourself first – Be comfortable in your own skin. Never look down on yourself or act like you are attending a daily pity party. Do not forget to smile and put on a happy outlook in life.

Share yourself – Remember that good conversations make good dates. With that in mind, never turn your date into a one-way question-and-answer talk, as if you are selecting an applicant for a job interview. Ask questions that would allow your date to open up and share who she is. In return, tell your personal opinion or funny anecdote about the matter.

Listen and respond – A key to a good conversation is to listen to your date and respond with honesty and positivity. This shows your openness and capacity to accept others. Avoid judgmental comments, at least for the first few dates.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable – Reveal your emotions by telling your feelings for your date. People, especially women, relate to feelings, especially when it comes to opening up and talking about a situation, story, or incident that makes you feel vulnerable.

Find the common ground – Search for common interests that connect you and your date, then make mental notes so you have an idea what to do on your date or on your next dates. For instance, if both of you love the water, suggest to spend a day at the beach. Looking for a common ground would show that you are listening and trying to make a great date.

Source: Thy Black Man

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