Dining Etiquette Tips to Impress a Woman

date dinnerDinner at a chic hot spot. The food was great. The music was soothing. It was a lovely evening. Everything was just perfect for a first date. Or so you thought. The woman you are courting has not called you since your dinner date.

Were you chewing with your mouth open? Did you slurp your soup? Were you laughing hard? Did you leave a tip? Chances are she got turned off by your poor dining etiquette. If you want to impress on your dinner date, you should brush up on your basic dining etiquette. Here are some tips to help you look savvy and impress your date while dining:

Turn your cell phone off

Mobile phones can ruin your dinner date. There is nothing more irritating than a mobile phone ringing like crazy in the middle of a conversation with your date. If you must call or check messages, go to the restroom and do it there, not at the table in front of your date.

Do not devour food as if you have not eaten in weeks

Wolfing down food is very un-sexy and is definitely a turn off. It is okay to be hungry, but do not appear like a starving African child. Control your pace while eating so that you can still have great conversation. Try to give your date a smile between bites. You should also stay focused on your date. Ask her how the food is.

No excavations at the table, please

If food gets stuck in your teeth, go the restroom right away and floss. Do not be a geologist and make excavating expeditions while your date watches. It is a real date buster. Always keep a floss or toothpick and breath mints handy.

Know what to do with napkins

Leave napkins on the chair if you excuse yourself. It should be left preferably soiled side down to hide unsightly gravy stains. Place napkin loosely on the left side of plate when you are done with the meal. Do not put it on the plate and say, "Wow, I am full." Totally uncool. Also, do not use napkins for blowing your nose. So gross.

Be engaging

The dinner date is all about you and your date. Do not act as if the world revolves around you. Engage her in balanced conversation that concerns both of you. It should about learning more about each other. So do not blabber. You should also pay attention to her cues. If you notice she is not interested in a certain topic, change it.


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