Disastrous Mistakes Guys Make During First Dates

Disastrous Mistakes Guys Make During First Dates

Dating can be considered a game of sorts. Some guys go on dates expect to do well, find true love and start a romantic relationship. However, mistakes may get in the way of these expectations. Instead of making a good impression during first dates, some people commit mistakes that can ensure that there will be no second date to expect in the future. Here are some of the common mistakes that lead to this outcome.

Lack of Confidence

Some guys just do not have a firm belief in themselves during dates. They cannot seem to make a definite decision on everything. The lack of confidence shows and may be a turn off for many women. It may result into a one and done date for many guys. Building confidence and showing it during the date may help guys increase chances of getting a second date.

Poor Hygiene

If unkempt hair, dirty clothes or bad breath is your idea of projecting a bad boy image during a first date, then you might be doing it wrong. Women look for dates that attract them, not turn them off. Showing proof of poor hygiene will certainly convince women to decide that you are not worth a second date.

Bad at Conversation

A first date is mostly about getting to know each other better. It helps if the guy is an engaging talker. Guys who are bad at dating conversations do not usually make it after the first date. It is important that you prepare yourself for all the dating talk. Make sure that you have topics or questions ready for use when the right moment comes. Preparation is key. Practice also helps.

Too Serious at Romance

Some guys become too desperate or attracted to their date on the first meeting that they start displaying romantic signals throughout the date. For a first date, becoming too serious for romance can sometimes work against you, especially if the woman is still trying to evaluate her feelings. First dates are usually just a getting-to-know-each-other phase. Hints of romance usually just comes on the succeeding meetings. Avoid trying to be overtly romantic during the first date if you hope to see your partner for the day again.


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