Essential Dating Tips for Men, From Online to Offline

As much as online dating sites and apps encourage its members to be as honest as possible in their profiles, down to the photos they upload on their profiles, they cannot help but spice their profiles by adding bits of information that may not be true. Yes, even down to the profile photo.

Some users would check out online forums for advice on how to design their profiles, including choosing the right photos. There are even those who take it too far by hiring businesses to not only build their dating profile, but even handle all their communications leading up to a first date.

Ask Men columnist Ian Lang shares these tips for the hopeless romantics looking for love online, from checking out if your date is the real deal to how to make your first date less awkward.

Don’t always trust profile photos – “A 2D image is actually a very poor representation of a real person you’ve never met,” explains Lang. The best impression you can make of your online date is when you have physically met and spent time with her, but even that can only take you far. She can claim she likes to hike, but your date might end up whining when the two of you actually go on a hiking trip. Also, never go for girls with just one or no photo at all.

Men always make the first move – Good girls will wait for the men to email first. “When you get an unsolicited email from a girl, they almost always reek of desperation,” Lang writes. Women who know they are desirable have no incentive to reach out to potential dates. After all, they could just choose from the over 50 emails they receive everyday. It is pretty much like real life, actually. Make your correspondence stand out from the crowd by writing a very short, light email, and end it with an open-ended question. In that way, the lady can respond and move the conversation forward from there.

Keep conversations going in real life – Of course, you have to meet your online date in person, but all the talk in prior emails and chats go out the window. Because, come to think of it, you are still meeting a complete stranger and you end up uttering the standard “where are you from” line of questioning. Make the conversation a bit more exciting by talking about things going on around you, even as simple as the sporting event being shown on TV, then relay a story about yourself that ties into it. Hopefully, this will encourage her to do the same.

Booze helps, but not too much – Fancy dinner on the first date? Don’t. It is all levels of awkwardness. Instead, opt to meet at a bar convenient for the both of you, preferably during happy hour because it is casual and offers a time constraint. “This may sound cheap or classless, but remember this is a stranger you’re meeting,” Lang explains. Also, both of you are nervous on the first date and a few bottles of beer could certainly calm the nerves, as well as making both of you more attractive in each other’s eyes. If courtship is your thing, do so once you have really known your date, which means after several in-person dates.

Check out her intentions – Just as with men, women have different intentions in dating. They are either interested in a quick fling, some casual sex, a boyfriend, or even looking for other men when they themselves already have a boyfriend. “Be open to the new experiences, because you’re going to have them,” Lang writes. The most successful online dates are usually the ones who do not take it too serious, even though they really are. The two of you may not end up together, but at least you have some stories to tell, not to mention the hook ups.

Source: Ask Men

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