Health And Hygiene Issues That Can Ruin Your Date

shutterstock_147435029You need to prepare well for a date if you wish to make a good first impression. You need to look good. That is why you need good grooming habits to ensure that your date will not be put off by how you look. But more than that, there are some other things that you also need to look into as well. There are certain hygiene issues that can easily ruin your date no matter how much effort you put into your looks to impress your date. Here are some examples.

Body Odor

A man’s body odor is one of the major turn offs for most women on a first date. You may look good from the outside. But when you smell funny, women can easily notice it.  A bad body odor can be a sign of poor hygiene. Make sure that you take care of it before going out to meet your date. Don’t forget to use a deodorant for taking care of the problem. Add a bit of perfume or cologne on you during your date to ensure that you smell nice.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is another common turn off for women. When men talk, they sometimes may not realize that they have bad breath. Smokers, for instance have grown accustomed to their smoking habit that they may have already developed smoker’s breath. But generally, bad breath can happen to anyone, especially someone who does not follow good oral hygiene. If you have cavities and dental plaque or do not brush your teeth regularly, you surely have bad breath.

To take care of your bad breath problem before your date, try to give your dentist a visit to check out what may be causing it. Observing good oral hygiene through regular brushing and flossing can help a lot. For smokers, getting rid of bad breath will take stopping their smoking habit as the first step. An immediate solution will be to take fresh mints or gum during the date to mask the smoker’s breath. It will be just a temporary solution but will not take care of the underlying problem.

A Sweaty Problem

Some men may have a problem with sweat that it can ruin a date. Sweat can create unsightly marks that women may not find sexy. The problem is, the sweat problem can be triggered by anxiety. When a man gets nervous during a date, he might start to sweat a lot. A date may notice it and may be turned off by what she sees. If you have such a problem, do not expect to get a good night kiss from your date any time soon.

Men can resolve such sweaty issues through different means. Showering daily will ensure that bacteria that cause body odor through sweat is reduced. Using antiperspirants will also help reduce sweat production for a day or two. Learning to relax more may also help prevent anxiety- related sweating during dates.

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