How Guys Screw Up First Dates

guy screwing up dateIt is like a bad movie script. Boy meets girl. They get along well the first time they met. They agreed to meet another time. On their first time alone together, boy loses girl. What happened in between?

Besides the circumstances, somebody usually fouls up. More often than not, it is the man’s fault. Here are the common sand traps of a nervous guy in a first date.

To score is the goal

This is not the case, well, not always. As a rule of thumb though, do not expect to go beyond a polite peck at the cheek and a friendly hug.

If you got more than that, maybe it is either she is really into you or you did something pleasant to her during your date. Good for you then.

It is how you talk

It is either you talk too much or you do not talk at all. Just like alcohol, moderation is the key. Here is where the principle of give and take is applicable.

If you notice your date clamming up, most likely you are not having a connection or you did not give her a chance to tell something about her.

It is what you talk about

Communication is the key, as with all relationships. However, there are things that need not be discussed, especially during the first date.

Conversations about exes are a no-no. As much as possible, avoid topics the girl could not relate to. It would be helpful to brush up on subjects she has an inkling to. And please, unleashing your inner goth of death and destruction would not endear you at all.

Eyes roaming

This is your time together, it is a given that your focus should be on her. Put that mobile in silent mode if it is starting to disrupt the mood.

Doing ungentlemanly stuff, such as checking out other people or asking her if she has, in your own words, hot friends you could go out with, turns her off faster than you could do the same thing to that beeping gadget in your pocket.

Being a wuss

Nothing else is a bigger red flag than when you show those little insecurities that eat you up inside. You went out on a date not because you needed a crying shoulder or a loan shark.

So, what if you have not gone beyond the first date before? This could have been the first time you could have proceeded further if only you did not share that sob story. Finally, Murphy’s Law is already a lame excuse of being late.

Some more reminders. Take it easy with the compliments. Exceed three and you are just flattering her. Nothing beats being yourself. Just up the game by being confident. More than what you exude externally by being dressed to the nines, it is your attitude and personality that matters more to her.


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