How Men Can Attract Women

How Men Can Attract Women

They say that it does not really matter if you have the good looks to catch a pretty lady date.  However observe how animals behave during mating season and see how the female species choose their mates.  Females will always go for the most virile male, who has the strongest genes, or the most compatible immune system.  In the end, how the males present, or impose themselves, is a major criterion for the females.

In a complex society like ours, the laws of attraction may have blurred throughout the years, but men and women still play the dating game.  How should men be able to get their ideal woman?  Here are some secrets.

Looks matter – Men do not have to possess a face of a celebrity to be attractive, as the face is just part of what makes men irresistible.  An attractive male has a healthy body, practices clean hygiene, walks with broad shoulders, wears tidy and pressed clothing, and speaks well with the opposite sex.

Appear well-endowed – We are not talking about what is down there, but men who are well-endowed with material things like fancy cars, a high-paying job, a good education, or a high-profile business are “more attractive” to women.  Of course, there is a difference between showing what you have and bragging what you have.

The first conversation – First impressions truly last.  A woman only has only a few seconds to gauge whether a man is mate material.  When conversing with a woman, confidence is key.



  1. Be confident not arrogant. Some men are so self confident that they become arrogant. Women want to see a man confident and love men who have a sense of humour.

  2. You can be a sense of attraction to a lady by cracking responsible jokes,give to the ones around you the maximum attention for they will tell of you to the ones not staying in your vicinity.You should try and study the bad mood of the lady around you and cool her down.Share her pains and tell to her stories that will inspire her dying spirit.

  3. This is decent advice, and it works to a small extent, a small part of the time; but I think the problem is that it’s so generic! I know that when I started my journey to making myself more attractive, I was stuck at the same sticking points – there just isn’t enough spot on advice out there!

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  4. There are several other key factors, such as social proof and flirting skills…but I’d say one of the most interested is “acting like a challenge.” If a woman is showing even remote interest in you (example: signs she’s interested ), then you should really act like a challenge while flirting with her to boost that chemistry. Then if two have compatible character and interests, a relationship will develop nturally.

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