How Men Can Become More Attractive

How Men Can Become More Attractive

Men love the challenge of trying to attract women they meet. But then, there is always some competition with other men for getting the attention of potential dates. One way to have some advantage is by becoming more attractive, if that is possible. Fortunately, it is. Here are some unique but effective tips that might help.

Grow A Beard

From a biological standpoint, humans typically look for predominantly male and female traits from the opposite sex.  This is for the purpose of procreation and improvement of progeny. For men, facial hair is that particular characteristic. According to research, displaying such specific characteristics like having a beard can make one look for attractive. A study even showed that women consider men with some heavy stubble to be the most attractive. Not only that, women also rated men with full beards highest when it comes to health and parenting.  

Lower Your Tone Of Voice

Voice pitch can be a perceived indicator of body size. The higher the pitch of voice, the smaller physically one may be perceived. On the other hand, a lower tone of voice is associated with those who have a large body size. Men lowering their voice may aid in trying to make them look more attractive in general.

Have A Pet Dog

To better attract the opposite sex, taking care of a pet dog can be a  unique yet effective idea. According to a surprising study result, women are three times as likely to give their numbers to men who own pet dogs compared to those without. In addition, another survey indicated that about half of women can determine their date based on how they treat their pets. So having a pet can get your some added attractive points to help you connect with the opposite sex.


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