How to Compliment a Woman

womanWomen love compliments. Giving them can be a very simple way for a man to make them feel loved and cared for. What makes giving compliments even more appealing is that it does not cost very much for a man to give out.

If practiced as a habit, giving compliments to a woman can even help make relationships last. But unfortunately, most men neglect this habit just as easily.

A compliment is an expression of praise towards another person. In a relationship, giving out compliments is a source of encouragement for the recipient. Complimenting a woman on her weight loss can make her feel more encouraged to diet and keep her figure.

A compliment can also be a means to build up a woman’s confidence. Complimenting a spouse or a girlfriend on a job well done can be an effective confidence boost that can do wonders in a relationship.

Giving out compliments is an art. Knowing how to compliment a woman takes a bit of skill. It is not something that a man does for the sake of just handing it out. There are the right ways and also wrong ways of handing out compliments to a woman. Here are some tips that will help men give out compliments to women the right way.

Compliments Must be Sincere

Compliments should not be merely given out as a means to impress a woman. This is where men make mistakes in giving compliments the right way. Most men give women compliments for the sake to impress. Most men lack that sincerity when giving compliments.

In so doing, such actions can be a turn off and can discredit a man’s "reputation" on a woman. When women want to receive a compliment, they want it to be sincere.

When a woman asks how she looks with a new dress on and a man responds, "It’s nice", that is a kind of compliment that would not be too endearing to a woman at all. Most of the time, when women asks of such things, men tend to think that all they want is an instant compliment.

Rather, women may need an honest opinion and oftentimes some reinforcing feedback for what they think. In such cases, men need to be very sincere if they want their compliments to be taken in good faith.

The Best Compliments are Detailed

Women seem to take more detailed compliments more seriously that broad ones. General comments on one’s looks can be very vague and may not be worth much to a woman. For a man to give out a compliment with more effect, it should be more specific.

A "You look good." compliment would not do as well as, "You look great in that lovely pink outfit that you’re wearing". The more detailed your compliment, the better it will be received.

Compliment a Woman Often

Women just can’t get enough of compliments. It is a way for a woman to think that a man always thinks of her. A compliment that comes only once in a blue moon would not make a relationship work. Compliments should be given more freely and as often as they should be, no matter how trivial they may seem, just as long as they come out sincere and from the heart.

Compliment a Woman in Public

Nothing works better for a woman than being complimented in public. A compliment seems to have a greater effect if it is given in front of an audience. Such compliments should not sound like something contrived such as enumerating a woman’s positive points to everyone.

The best public compliments are those that acknowledge a woman’s worth to a man and how the man shows his respect and appreciation and utmost respect through the compliment given. Sad to say, a lot of men forget to compliment their wives or partners in public, just when it matters the most.



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