How to Deal with Rejection From Women

rejectionIt may not be a good thing, but rejections are pretty common in the dating scene, where first impressions matter. Let’s face it, most women look for men according to their own ideals and expectations. And if the man does not fit within their long checklist, most of the time they reject the poor fellow.

How are you supposed to deal with it? Should you walk away or keep on pursuing? Are you supposed to take it personally, or just brush it off your shoulder? Here’s how.

Look deeper why you get rejected – In most cases, women reject men whom they view have poor character. If this happens to you, maybe you talked to her in a manner that she found as rude. This can be challenging because we all tend to deny our own flaws, but once you know what keeps you from getting closer to women you could either change for the better perhaps look for other women who have interests in such flaws.

Be yourself – Stop choosing overused pick-up lines or portraying a "player" persona or being overtly nice. A simple "Hello!" can start a conversation, and let your true self talk to her. Let your natural body language speak your interest towards the lady, for instance.

In some cases, it’s all biological – Like animals, humans exert pheromones (which we tend to falsely call "body odor"). In ancient times, humans use these body scents to determine their mate. We can still apply that biological way of attracting women. You can try getting yourself a little closer (and a little warmed up to release a hint of pheromones) while talking to a woman and observe her reactions as she talks to you. Perfumes can also help emphasize your pheromones, but do not overuse it.

Always be the last to say something – If you get rejected, be polite and say "Sorry to bother you". If she gives you her number, show some sincere happiness and tell her that you appreciate the gesture. In that way, you do not leave the scene hanging.


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