How to Keep a Woman Attracted to You

attracting womenIn the art and ritual of romance and relationships, attracting a woman is basically the first step. But every man should not stop there. The next step would probably be more difficult and challenging, not to mention the effort that you have to go through to succeed at it. The next step is how to keep a woman attracted to you.

First impressions do not usually lead to a successful romance or a new relationship. Attracting a woman is just the initial stage of trying to establish a relationship. It all starts from the visual point of things.

A woman can be attracted to you by the way you look, the way you handle yourself or by the way you dress among many other things. The initial stage is just meant to get a woman’s attention. But then comes the hardest part- how can you keep her attracted to you?

Dating will allow you to use the methods of how to keep a woman attracted to you. But to keep that attraction going will take more than just looks sometimes. In order to do this, you might need to understand what keeps women attracted to you.

The next thing that you should know when you find a woman attracted to you, you should try to keep that attraction going. Looks may trigger that instant attraction but other things may easily lose it. Before you try to go further you should learn how to read her body language. This will show you if that attraction is still there or is put off for a bit.

The body language that you should look for in a woman is the different gestures that will give you some glimpses of how attracted she is to you.

It can be as subtle as twirling her hair in your presence. It can be some kind of awkward movements that may show as being overwhelmed by you. If she starts frequently initiating arm contact, you can be sure that she is attracted to you. You have to take note of this as you try to keep that attraction going.

One of the ways to keep that attraction going is by building up some tension between the both of you. In doing so, it is important that you always try to keep that attraction tight between the two of you and never letting it slack a bit. This can be illustrated by a line with you holding one end and with her holding the other.

You should always try to keep the line tight. Sometimes you might do or say something that might put her off a bit, letting her slack that line a bit. You have to act quickly to try and pull up the slack either by thinking of a comeback to keep her attracted.


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