Impressing Women On A First Date

47There are many ways that a man can impress a woman on a first date. It always takes some time and effort to achieve. The man only needs to make the right moves to impress women. It doesn’t always depend on looks and money all of the time. Here are some tips that are very effective in trying to impress women even on a first date.

Have a plan for the first date.

Nothing impresses women more than a man who knows what he is doing. This includes having a plan for the first date. The man should do his homework trying to know what a woman expects on a date. Even better, a man who learns about particular things about his date will receive the best impression. From gifts to the date venue, all these can create the best impression if it all works to the woman’s liking. Women likes men who know what they are doing. This goes the same with planning first dates.

Chivalry always works.

Chivalry may be an ancient code of conduct used by medieval knights, but it still rings true with regards to making an impression on women. Being chivalrous need not be considered old. Showing courteous behavior towards a first date does not grow old. Women are easily impressed by men who show uncommon courtesy even at a time when most consider chivalry dead. Just try it. It will not make you look bad.

Be your genuine self.

Trying to impress women is not about trying to show them a side of you that you think will make them like you. Although this is perfectly okay, men should not go as far as trying to create a fake persona just to make a good impression. It can sometimes work, but it will not last. Women tend to discover the real you after a while. If you are not genuine from the first date onwards, then you will be facing problems later on. You will have to put through a series of cover-ups trying to keep up with your fake persona. This will prove more diffucult in the long run. But if you stay as yourself on the first date, then you have a lot less to worry about.



  1. If only guys could just be themselves so we could see what they are really like ! Someone has drilled into them that they must be on an impression mission. It is easy to see through all the hype and bravado but still they persist. I have everything from members of the SAS( dream on boys) to Pilots. Why do they do this?
    As you say, it’s all in the venue and the planning.
    Just be yourself guys….please.

  2. i want to find love.

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