Male Guide To Break Ups

Male Guide To Break Ups

Men are known to take break ups in stride. Most women can be affected by it the hardest. This is not saying that men are not affected emotionally by relationship break-ups. It is just that many men do not seem to know how to react to such situations. This can make guys become even more hated by their exes over time. When it is time to break up, men should try to know how they should act and what they should do. Here are some pieces of advice they can heed.

Make it a definite decision.
Whenever you finally decide to break up, make sure that it is definite. It shouldn’t be a decision that will still provide that opportunity of you getting together. If you believe that breaking up is the right thing to do, make sure that you do not give any hints or possible loopholes in your decision that there is still that opportunity of being a couple again. It can make things even more complicated not only for you but for your ex as well. Be frank with your decision, even brutally honest if need be.

Since it is definite, avoid instances of seeing each other.
Some guys may like to let go of the relationship but still kind of miss the physical intimacy that goes with it. They sometimes still hang around “for old times’ sake.” It will send mixed signals that can confuse your ex-partner that can lead to very complicated situations later on that you may not want to be in. the safest option when you decide to break up is to stop seeing each other, period. No “ifs”, no “buts”.

Accept that bad guy role.
In any break up, there is bound to be the bad guy who made it all happen. Unfortunately, that role always lands on the guys. By breaking up, you will become the most hated person on Earth for awhile. There is nothing you can do but accept it. No amount of reasoning will convince anyone that you are also just a victim. Just let this moment pass by and let time do its work.


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