Men Fashion Dress Code for First Date

men fashionAh, the dream date. It promises something exciting and hopefully, a very impressive ending. Of course, it also comes with a tremendous amount of anxiety as you want to impress your date while also enjoying yourself.

To help you ease your worries on dream-date dressing, this article outlines some of the common dream-date scenarios – aside from the usual dinner date, many men prefer movie date, bringing their dates in a night spot, or having picnic – and what you should be wearing in each situation.

Dinner date

Many men stick to the tried-and-tested dinner date. If you’re at a chic restaurant, you should wear a perfectly tailored suit and elegant dress shoes. Just don’t overdress.

It is best to wear a pair of well-fitting dress pants that conceal any figure flaws. On top, go for the classy and timeless dress shirt. Set aside your sneakers and go for some loafers. Try to look refined and avoid to look like you’re trying hard too much.

Movie date

A dream date is not synonymous to a dinner date at the ritziest restaurant in town, so it’s perfectly OK if you want to take your date for a movie. If you’re the type of guy who dresses sharply, make some effort while choosing what to wear, although try not to go overboard as if you’re competing with the well-dressed male characters in the movie.

However, if you’re the jeans-and-sneakers kind of guy, don’t spruce up too much to avoid setting the standard for how she’ll expect you to dress in your future dates.

For an easy-to-wear and hot killer look, sport a graphic printed top and a pair of dark straight-leg jeans. Pull them all together by throwing on a short-cut jacket. Either sporty-looking loafers or sneakers look best with this outfit.


While a three-piece suit is definitely a no-no for a picnic-style date, don’t think of wearing ripped-up jeans or shorts with sneakers and a baseball cap. It won’t impress your girl when you wear clothes you normally wear when hanging out with your male buddies at a sports bar.

Instead, wear coordinated, laid-back pieces and show her that you made some effort dressing up for this very important occasion.


Many guys’ dream date is to go to night spots. When you’re going to the city’s trendiest bars, slip in a semi casual dress and add some funky elements. Clubbing is all about having fun with your date, so wear a trendy dress to show off your fun side and make a great impression.


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